Menu prices quoted are subject to change. Menu prices are guaranteed one month prior to the event date.

Children's pricing
Age three and under free, 4-10 years are half price. We also offer child-friendly alternatives to the plate service menu.

Food allergens and restrictions

While Culinary Services does not have gluten free or allergen-free kitchens and serving lines, we take every precaution to check ingredient information and to ensure that cross contamination of ingredients does not occur. Ingredients and nutritional content may vary.

Because manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency without our knowledge and product availability may fluctuate, we cannot completely guarantee products are gluten or allergen free. It is the responsibility of the customer with food allergies or other specified nutrition concerns to make the final judgment on whether or not to question the ingredients of a food item or to choose to eat the foods selected. Guests are encouraged to consider information provided, to their own satisfaction, in light of their own individual needs and requirements.


The facility is governed by provincial liquor laws and all applicable guidelines must be met. All liquor served in the facility is to be provided by the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services (this includes all beer, spirits and wine), therefore no additional corkage charges will apply.

The nature of your organization and event will determine the type of service we can provide.

Outside food and beverages

Due to city and provincial health regulations, the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services does not allow any outside food or beverages to be brought in, with the exception of wedding cakes. For the same reason, food provided by the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services is not allowed off premise.


A more suitable function room may be assigned to your group should the number of guests and/or set-up requirements change. Room rental will be charged accordingly.