Start and finish times

Start and finish times of all functions are to be strictly adhered to. The space is only booked for the time indicated. Set-up and dismantling times are to be specified at the time of booking. Decorating time is guaranteed one week prior to the event unless otherwise arranged with Culinary Services.

Pick up of items

All decorations and rentals must be removed from the property at the conclusion of the event unless arranged prior to the event with the event conference manager.

Costs and payment

Method of payment

For all private and social functions, an initial non-refundable deposit of 20% is due at time of booking, followed by advance payment equal to 40% of the estimated charges due 30 days prior to the start of the event.

The remaining final estimated charges are due three days prior to your event, mailed or delivered to the University of Saskatchewan, Marquis Hall, 97 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 4L3.

A credit card is required to be left on file for any remaining incidental charges.

Cancellation policy

In the event of cancellation, the customer is subject to a charge. Refer to your contract and cancellation clauses.


Culinary Services does not accept gratuities or service charges.


All food and beverage are subject to GST/PST. GST/PST is applied to the balance of your bill. However, if billing to a university department CFOAPAL, GST/PST is not applicable.

SOCAN Resound fees

All live or recorded music is subject to SOCAN copyright charges. Actual charges are based on the room capacity seated and standing plus GST. For more information please see All live or recorded music is also subject to ReSound fees. Actual charges are based on the room capacity seated and standing plus GST. For more information please see index.htm


The group is responsible for the behaviour of their guests during the event. The group will be financially responsible for any damages to the University of Saskatchewan that the group or any member of the group created. This includes damages incurred from decorations (see below).


The University of Saskatchewan does not assume liability or responsibility for damage or loss of personal property or equipment left in the function room. Additional security services can be arranged.


University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services is NOT responsible for damages to, or loss of, any articles left in the rooms or buildings prior to, during or following any function by the customer or any guests.

Food and beverages

Outside food and beverages

Due to city and provincial health regulations, the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services does not allow any outside food or beverages to be brought in, with the exception of wedding cakes. For the same reason, food provided by the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services is not allowed off premise.


The facility is governed by provincial liquor laws and all applicable guidelines must be met. All liquor served in the facility is to be provided by the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services (this includes all beer, spirits and wine), therefore no additional corkage charges will apply.

Food allergens and restrictions

We cannot completely guarantee products are gluten or allergen free. It is the responsibility of the customer with food allergies or other specified nutrition concerns to make the final judgment on whether or not to question the ingredients of a food item or to choose to eat the foods selected.

Function room set up

The University of Saskatchewan is pleased to supply the following standard setup for all events: white table linens and choice of green or white napkins, podium and PA system, and table skirting for the display table, registration table and DJ tables. Table stands and table numbers are also available upon request. If the group requires a stage the event conference manager can arrange this. The full charge for the rental will be reflected on the final statement, and prices are available upon request.


Decorating must be discussed with your event conference manager during your detail meeting.

  • Decorating policy allows for items to be hung on the wall with sticky tack only; no pins, staples, tape or nails.
  • Any replacement or repair cost resulting from damages to university property during the function will be charged to the client.
  • If you are using the services of a professional decorator, please advise them of our decoration policy as you will be responsible for any damage.
  • Culinary Services must be notified of any materials or rental items being used during your function. Any materials or rentals are subject to prior arrangements and space availability. The university will not be liable for these items.
  • Guests must remove all decorations, gifts and personal items at the end of the function.

Decorating will be accommodated based on availability and determined one week prior to the event.


The University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services will provide one complimentary podium with microphone for your function. All other equipment requirements can be reserved through ICT directly. Rental fees apply to equipment.


Marquis Hall is a smoke-free facility. If the group requires a smoking area for the event they may use any area that is a minimum of 10 meters from any entrance door. Ashtrays are provided outside of Marquis Hall.

Outside contractors

We offer most services necessary for a successful meeting, however, if the client would like to use the services of third party providers, including any companies, firms, agencies, individuals and/or groups hired by or on behalf of the client, the client is required to obtain the prior written approval of the university.