The University of Saskatchewan Culinary Services operates under the university’s permanent institutional liquor license and is governed by the regulations and procedures established by provincial legislation, and the Board of Governors of the University of Saskatchewan.

For this reason, the nature of your organization and event will determine the type of service we can provide. Arrangements for alcohol service are required a minimum of 21 business days prior to your event to ensure the availability of product for your event.

Bar Services

Cash Bar Services
Guests purchase individual drinks with cash. Host tickets can be made available to the convener. All returned tickets will be charged to the group’s master account.

Subsidized Bar Services
The most common bar is called a subsidy bar, where the hosts subsidize a portion of the drink costs. Guests pay a reduced price on drinks and the hosts pay the remainder of the drink price.

Host Bar Services
The client will be invoiced for all of the guest's drinks

Bar Prices

$6.50 Highballs
$6.50 Domestic beer
$7.00 Caesar
$7.50 Wine 
$7.50 Import beer 
$8.00 Specialty beverage





For all types of bars, the groups are required to use the trained University of Saskatchewan bartenders. A bartender charge will apply only if the group does not reach the minimum revenue (before taxes) of $500 for each bar.

Bartenders are $30 per hour for a minimum of five hours. If the bar minimum of $500 is met, the bartender fee is complimentary.

We require one bartender per 75 people in attendance.

Please Note

  • SLGA regulations do not allow any homemade alcoholic products to be served.
  • Food must be made available at all events with liquor service.
  • No beverages may leave the premises.
  • All liquor served in the facility is to be provided by the University of Saskatchewan, Culinary Services (this includes all beer, spirits and wine), therefore no additional corkage charges will apply.